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    At 48 my doctor reported that I was of average health for a typical Australian male my age. I’d never considered myself average – this was my wake up call. He also told me that if I didn’t change some of my bad eating habits and start getting a bit more active I’d be on medication for blood pressure and I was likely candidate for diabetes… there was a history of the disease in the family. I was 95kg, my bodyfat composition was well over 25% and my blood pressure was 145/90.

    18 months later, I went back for a full health check and physical just before my 50th birthday. The doctor could not believe the transformation… My blood pressure was a mere 120/80, I was 75kg, my bodyfat composition was an amazing 9% and my biological age was just 33! The doctor asked me “Sal, what on earth have you been doing?” I simply responded BOXR!

    The trainers know how to push you to your physical and mental limits. I’ve gathered some sound nutritional advice and each week I’m given awesome new challenges which make the PT’s and boxing classes so exciting. What I like most about BOXR is the intense passion that Marc, Bella and the team have for wellbeing and fitness. It’s pretty tough at first, but everyone’s right behind you in support. It’s a real family, not just another glossy health club. If you’re sick and tired of being of average health then I can strongly recommend BOXR.




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