Do you have the desire to look great in and out of your clothes? How about dramatically increasing your self-confidence? Does the idea of becoming more vibrant and feeling more alive appeal to you? How about generally just being happier?

Our personal training sessions are the perfect tool to challenge your current training habits, pushing you harder and further than you can go on your own. Our coaching culture is built around combinations of non-repetitive strength, speed and endurance drills.

If your immediate objective is to build lean muscle mass, improve your core strength, sharpen your boxing technique or simply lose weight, our PT sessions are the solution.

Without question, our coaches are the best in the business, they’re all at an elite level. They tick every box when it comes to fitness management and implementation.


  • Understanding your goals and capabilities and setting achievable milestones.
  • Knowing the difference between training for strength, muscle growth and weightloss.
  • Appreciating your desire to improve physical appearance, manage stress and feeling good about yourself.
  • Drawing upon contemporary techniques that enable you to easily and rapidly achieve your fitness goals.
  • Providing the motivation you need to attain your results.

Most importantly, each of our trainers care about your success… success coming in the form of a positive physical change. If you’re seeking this change, if you’re wanting a leaner, firmer body, limitless energy and a more balanced life, BOXR provides that platform.


When you join as a Heavyweight or Lightweight member you’ll receive 1 x free 30-minute PT sessions with the BOXR coach of your choice. The first session is designed to give you a snapshot of where your fitness is at and to show you how we would train you for any goal-driven program. Attending BOXR classes each week is great (plus any other outside pursuits you may follow) but one-on-one training with any of our coaches will give you grater insight as to how to effect the changes you might want to see.


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