Walking into BOXR for the first time in November 2014 I was very self- conscious. I was extremely overweight, unhealthy, unfit and really doubted whether I would be able to participate.

However, the enthusiasm and positivity of the trainers made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to believe that I could achieve my goals. And I was right! Through the support of the BOXR Team, which is as strong today as it was at that very first session a year ago, I have lost over 30kgs and over 10inches form my waist.

I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been and am at a weight I haven’t been for 25 years. I greatly appreciate everything the BOXR team have done for me and am a very proud BOXR member, always happy to tell people that I have lost the weight through the help of the trainers at BOXR who are passionate about fitness and who genuinely want to help people achieve their goals and change their lives for the better.


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