I have only good things to say about Craig and the team at Boxr. Scrap that. I only have wonderful, great, amazing things to say.

I’m not what you call an ‘exercise person’. I’ve been a member of more gyms than I care to count, tried boot camps and aerobics classes, joined team sports, but it never stuck. I wasn’t blessed with the coordination gene either so I usually feel uncomfortable and intimidated in a fitness environment. That’s not the case at all with Boxr. The trainers are incredibly encouraging and always happy to take the time to teach and guide when needed.

A few months ago I also started personal training for rehabilitation of an injury. Even though the knee is well and truly healed, I have kept going with the one-on-one sessions because Craig has performed a miracle – he’s somehow managed to turn me into someone who enjoys training. Even at 5.30 on a Monday morning.

What I particularly enjoy is the results. I feel much better about my health, I’m much stronger than I was and I now find fitness classes challenging in a good way (not a I’m going-to-die-any-second way).

Craig has provided dietary advice along the way, always keeps the sessions interesting and continues to push me to achieve results.

I would happily recommend Boxr to anyone at any fitness level.


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