If you want to put some punch into your training, then i can’t recommend boxr higly enough.

Juggling a busy work and social life, and travelling extensively throughout the year, I ran aground when it came to my health, exercise and training.

It’s often hard to find the time, commitment and will to get and stay fit. We’ve heard it all before – it’s the New Year’s Eve mantra – “I’m going get fit and lose weight”.

Those two simple goals are anything but simple when it comes to making them a reality. Knowing what you want is the easy part, the tough part of the journey is the “doing”. After years of disappointment and trying different options and personal trainers I found BOXR.
This is a team of trainers who not only offer the perfect mix of goal setting and support, their expertise and approach to weight loss and/or fitness is challenging, progressive, entertaining, motivating and most importantly, it works.

It’s refreshing to find trainers, who can relate to you, know where you’re at and tailor a training programme specifically for you. What I also love about BOXR is you’re a friend, not a number and every training session is an adventure. You never know what you’re going to get or do.

Maybe it’s the unexpected, the variety or the exciting style of training on offer or a combination of all three, but I now love training and look forward to going to the gym. Where exercise was once a chore, now, thanks to the guys at BOXR, I look forward to the next personal training session or boxing class.

If you want to put some punch into your training, then I can’t recommend BOXR highly enough.


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